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Gwarda: An Ancient City in Turmoil

Location: E5
Terrain: Forest
Population: 17,990

Hidden within the forests of the Elven Kingdom is their capital city, Gwarda.  Larger than any other settlement in Arador, the walls of Gwarda have protected it for thousands of years.  Sitting on a mound toward the north end of the city is Anan Haelle, the fortified residence of the elf king Eamoth.

Power Dynamics
The elven kingdom in general is rather unstable; as the crown has traditionally been quite hesitant to assert authority over their subjects in a significant way, Elves have mostly continued to live in small villages with only local travel and trade.

These villages often fall prey to elven warlords, most of whom are powerful wizards in their own right in addition to the armies that they command.  The more aggressive warlords will use the force at their disposal to coerce villages into joining their alliance.  Those villages that avoid being coerced typically do so by banding together and pledging allegiance to one of the less-ruthless warlords.  Since a warlord's forces are typically serve him because they see his magical abilities as being capable of protecting them or leading them to victory but usually lack such confidence in his apprentices (if he even has any), the death of a warlord typically sends his domain into chaos as the surrounding warlords scramble to conquer it.

The Elven Capital of Gwarda has typically managed to avoid such chaos; The warlords ostensibly swear fealty to the king and are hesitant to conduct their wars in such close proximity to his residence.  As such, the city has long been under the control of the Partricians, the current one being Eudola the Artful.

Beginning at the time that Eudola's predecessor, Alenat, was becoming senile and unable to fulfill his duties, a wizard by the name of Eluinhild began serving the king as an adviser, taking control of the king's forces in an attempt to seize power for himself.  Since then, Eudola and Eluinhild have been engaged in a power struggle

Notable People
Eamoth (Aristocrat L4)
Eluinhild (Wizard L2)
Eudola (Bard L3)

Population Breakdown
Barbarian L3 *2
Barbarian L2 *2
Barbarian L1 *4
Bard L4 *1
Bard L3 *15
Bard L2 *29
Bard L1 *81
Cleric L3 *3
Cleric L2 *3
Cleric L1 *6
Druid L5 *1
Druid L4 *3
Druid L3 *14
Druid L2 *20
Druid L1 *43
Fighter L4 *3
Fighter L3 *4
Fighter L2 *8
Fighter L1 *18
Monk L5 *1
Monk L4 *6
Monk L3 *9
Monk L2 *17
Monk L1 *38
Paladin L5 *1
Paladin L4 *7
Paladin L3 *13
Paladin L2 *22
Paladin L1 *56
Ranger L3 *2
Ranger L2 *3
Ranger L1 *7
Rogue L4 *1
Rogue L3 *2
Rogue L2 *5
Rogue L1 *11
Sorcerer L4 *1
Sorcerer L3 *2
Sorcerer L2 *3
Sorcerer L1 *8
Wizard L5 *1
Wizard L4 *5
Wizard L3 *17
Wizard L2 *21
Wizard L1 *59

Adept L3 *1
Adept L2 *3
Adept L1 *6
Adept L0 *77
Aristocrat L4 *1
Aristocrat L3 *5
Aristocrat L2 *13
Aristocrat L1 *21
Aristocrat L0 *47
Commoner L4 *8
Commoner L3 *9
Commoner L2 *15
Commoner L1 *27
Commoner L0 *15,786
Expert L4 *1
Expert L3 *10
Expert L2 *12
Expert L1 *29
Expert L0 *470
Warrior L4 *4
Warrior L3 *8
Warrior L2 *16
Warrior L1 *29
Warrior L0 *814

GP Limit: 32,000 gp
Item Limit: L16
Total Wealth: 57,412,779gp

Current Market
 Potion of Cat's Grace
Arcane Scroll: Color Spray, Flaming Sphere, Web
Arcane Scroll: Knock, Freedom of Movement, Stoneskin
Cloak of Elvenkind. (no indication of function)
Medallion of Thoughts. (no indication of function)
Manual of Quickness of Action +5 (function indicated)
Staff of Healing.  (no indication of function.  6/50 charges remaining)

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